Evaluation and Assessment

In order to better improve the health outcomes of Nevada’s road users, our staff aids in the evaluation of existing traffic safety and injury prevention programs in our state. Formative and summative evaluations of behavioral programs may be requested and completed by our staff when funding is available.

To increase understanding of evaluation and assessment among behavioral programs and offer a cost-efficient alternative to full evaluations, NV-OTS funded the creation and piloting of an Injury Prevention-Evaluation Toolkit (IP-ET). The IP-ET was developed based on evaluability assessment methodologies and evaluation best practices to serve as the first step in program evaluation planning. The toolkit provides a systematic framework which traffic safety and injury prevention professionals can use in the evaluation of their programs. The toolkit consists of three separate sections, each designed to guide IP-ET users through central elements of evaluation readiness assessment (i.e., evaluability assessment) and evaluation planning using several worksheets and exercises. If you or your organization is interested in our toolkit, please contact us.

Injury Prevention Evaluation Toolkit Core Components
Figure 8: Injury Prevention Evaluation Toolkit Core Components

Programs we have evaluated:

  • Driver’s Edge
  • Renown Health Car Seat Safety Program
  • Dignity St. Rose Dominican Car Seat Safety Program
  • University Medical Center – Healthy Living Institute (UMC-HLI) Child Passenger Safety Program