Traffic Safety Research – Nevada Road Users Database

The Traffic Research and Education Newsletter (TREND) is a publication through which we share findings and insights stemming from our extensive efforts and research in the field of traffic safety in Nevada. Our TREND Infographics take content from our TREND newsletters and present the data in an easily understood and simplified manner. The target audience for TREND infographics is the Nevada population at large who may benefit from this valuable information.

Crash/Hospital Interactive Dashboard

This dashboard is created by the Traffic Safety Research Team at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). Our goal is to make analyses from traffic safety data more available to the public so that risk taking behaviors and other predictive factors can be used to inform individuals and community decisions. Secondary statewide road user hospital discharge data for Nevada are summarized below and the key metrics are separated by gender and total number of patient visits.

Traffic Safety Research Library

Our research library contains Roadwise infographics, Nevada Legislative documents, presentations given by our research team at various local and national traffic safety, public health and medical conferences, and our most recent peer-reviewed publications.